About us

The story so far…

Like most creations, SmartTax was founded on the premise of fulfilling a need. Aiman, the founder, having running a medium sized family business was struggling to adapt to the newly introduced Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the local government.

Tax is undoubtedly a complex issue that requires some level of investment in time, energy, manpower and money. In the early days of GST, he searched far and wide for the most reliable way of filing and submission. Unfortunately there are none.

Taking advantage of being an early adopter of Xero accounting software since 2008, he decided to built his own solution and voila! SmartTax was born. In October 2015, six months after GST was implemented, SmartTax was officially launched.

In a nutshell, SmartTax is a cloud based Goods & Services Tax (GST) reporting and submission tool to assist SMEs. We are an add-on for Xero accounting software specifically catering to the guidelines of Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Kastam).

Fast forward to today, SmartTax have been actively gathering feedbacks from partners and customers, testing and improving our system to give users a seamless GST reporting and submission experience. Perhaps that’s a little too far-fetched aspiration for a simple tax solution but that is what we strive for.

Besides building the solution, relationships are also something we are consolidating with our stakeholders. We are consistently engaging with Kastam as the custodian of GST by sharing our development and taking actions on their comments. Xero, our prime partner, who has us on speed dial, regularly in talks  while sharing ideas and feedbacks with us from time to time.

Having said enough about our little venture, let’s learn more about the movers behind SmartTax

Aiman Ezanee

Xero early adopter. Small enterprise veteran. Lover of technology. Sucker for automation processes. Finance minded. Anti-ninja.

Tawfiq Asmawy

Smooth operator. Prince of resources. Viral fiend. Papa of business connector. Messaging app chump. OCD (Over Concentrative on Details).

Faisal Ahmad

Philosophical junkie. Engineering outcast. Word stringer. Marketer of content. Social media cynic. Comic and design thinking addict.