The lunar year just entered its second week and we’re all starting to dread it already. It’s the period when we all choked with too much business plans, annual reviews, events, sales and targets while the wind strongly blows carrying with it what’s left of the monsoon to the north and left us to dry.

How do you cope with that? Besides the usual re-tuning of the mind, body and soul, we at SmartTax also realise that tools are a big part that has always been sidelined in most productivity context. In this post, we share with you a few digital tools that have helped us progress so we hope it can benefit you in some ways too.

  1. Google Apps for Work (GAFW)  google apps_logo

The most famous of all productivity tools among new businesses must be this enterprise suite. If you haven’t heard, Google does more than just search, translate and navigation. The ‘Google Apps for Work’ product has helped millions of businesses large and small across the globe to be fully functional without any bulky, expensive and unnecessary hardware. This enterprise office suite is easy to setup, built for the clouds, offers a full package that every business needs while being consistent and highly familiar to use. It packs everything you need to run a team of 100 or just a couple. Check it out here.


  1. Dropbox dropbox_logo

File storage is the record shelf of our digital world. With the explosion of one too many gadgets, you can’t help but need a storage centre that synchronised seamlessly or should I say automatically across all devices. Dropbox is your answer. We use Dropbox in our ‘business as usual’ matters and it has helped us tremendously. What we like best is the fact that you can have public folders with non-Dropbox users to access the same files. The amount of free storage might not be the largest but hey, you can always pay more. No worries, it’s very affordable. More on Dropbox here.

  1. Evernote evernote_logo

This is the most lovable and adored app for us in SmartTax.  We’re so in love with not just the app but the entire company. Where do we begin? For a start, it’s the best note taking app, off and online. The web clipper is a must installed plug-in for all you blog and productivity fiend. Save whatever you’re reading across the web and it’ll synchronise across devices obviously. Use it to note down your new ideas, a spark of inspiration or some new findings. Stumble upon a quirky quote or a hilarious meme on Facebook or 9GAG? Evernote that shit up! Chat with your teammates or if you’re feeling nostalgic, simply handwrite in Evernote with a stylus or use your finger. There are too many features to mention so, learn more about Evernote here.

  1. Slack Slack_logo

Most of you who are in the tech scene must’ve heard about Slack at some point. They are the fastest growing enterprise communication tool at this point of writing. Slack is everything you understand about a chat tool but extraordinarily helpful, robust and the ecosystem is designed with business-first mentality. While the interface focuses on clarity, it unexpectedly directs teams out from those petty traditional internal emails. And yes, it works across devices and OSes. Got a pdf/link/ai/image/video/chart/word/xsl/slide etc and need to share it with your teammates? Push it via Slack. Another cool thing about Slack is that its API is integration-friendly with loads of other software. For instance, if you got your customer service solution up and ready but requires a chat interface? Slack it up and integrate. Here’s a great article from about Slack.

  1. Xero xero_logo

What else can we say? As a Xero partner, you may call us bias but Xero has demonstrated it religiously that they are the most Beautiful Accounting System any entity can utilise. Xero is seriously walking their talk. No doubt it’s the leading cloud accounting system for retailers, franchises, startups and more. Xero ushers you to a new dimension of accounting. It releases you from the burden of bookkeeping and empowers you to concentrate more on what matters most. That is why SmartTax designed ourself as a simpler, smarter Goods and Service Tax solution for Xero. Check out more about Xero here and read a blog about SmartTax here.

  1. Hootsuite hootsuite_logo

A magical tool designed to be your best social media administrator and it pays to have this software as part of your digital marketing arsenal. The dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor and take action seamlessly. Publishing and controlling your RSS feed is now a breeze and share tasks with your teammates. As a content marketing solution themselves, Hootsuite’s blog and social channels are worth following and reading. It’s packed with content and modern marketing wisdom. What’s more, through HootSuite University, they encourage and recognise you for being an expert. Get to know more about these Owly’s here.

So there you have it! Six different digital tools for six different reasons. There may be better tools out there but these are the ones that impacted us the most. If it doesn’t get you to take any actions, perhaps a spark of an idea or a fresh angle to solve your business problems. If you couldn’t get enough of what we’ve listed here, make your way to a blog by our friends over at Cloudwards. They have a list of 30 very useful online tools they’ve compiled. Learn more here.