Whether you like it or not the newly introduced GST has thrown most small and medium enterprises off their balance sheet having struggle to embrace this system. And whether or not this is the best way of running a nation’s money is for another debate but the reality is; GST is here to stay and it is up to business owners like you to manage it in the most efficient way possible.

On top of your corporate tax and the day-to-day financial bookkeeping to keep up with, now another headache pops up in the form of monthly or quarterly tax submission. Hence a more systematic, user friendly, transparent and stress-free tax filing and submission system is imperative.

SmartTax and Xero partnership
Introducing SmartTax. A simpler, smarter way of doing your GST filing and submission. SmartTax is an add-on feature to the ever popular Xero Accounting system specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of Royal Customs Malaysia Department (Kastam) GST system. We’ve designed its calculation and reporting based on the integration with Xero right up to the certificate format for your submission. So before you can enjoy a smarter, simpler GST tax filing, we recommend you to adopt Xero – the most trusted cloud-based accounting system in the world.

What’s up with Xero
Xero has already established itself as the ultimate cloud based accounting system and has been adopted by various companies and organisations across the globe – large and small. Xero boast a ‘beautiful accounting system’ as their mantra and indeed it proved to be more than just a pretty interface. It’s so easy to use and all datas are updated in real-time.

According to a Wall Street Journal article in August, as of July this year, Xero was amongst the 40 software makers that was hand-picked by Apple Inc to push their mobile devices to be more business friendly. This is how much they are well received in the digital arena.


Image courtesy of Forbes.


(Image courtesy of Forbes)

Besides being at the innovative forefront of cloud-based technology, Xero also stands as the #1 company listed in Forbes’ Most Innovative Growth Company for their second consecutive year. Not bad for a 5 year old company that hails from the country that brought you Lord of The Rings and The Hobbits trilogy. This is a solid testament to their dedication and commitment to their customers and partners.

Single ledger system
Xero is known to adapt the ‘single ledger system’ where cloud computing took centre stage. It enables all stakeholders like business owners, tax consultants and accountants to view the account book on the same page in real-time across different devices and OS’s. Bookkeeping and accounting can’t get any easier than this.
What can you do next?
Here’s a straight forward 3 steps approach to enjoy a simpler, smarter way of filing and submitting your GST.

Step 1
Sign-up with Xero.
Click here to get help signing up with Xero with eXtracc, our bookkeeping partner.

Step 2
Enjoy our 14 day credit-card free trial with SmartTax (link to sign-up page)
You can do this immediately after you’ve signed up with Xero.

Step 3
Ready to start filing.

Well, I’ve shared with you some solid reasons to adopt a simpler, smarter GST filing and submission solution, how SmartTax can help you with that and how does Xero accounting software comes in the picture. Get in touch with our customer support if you have more questions. We understand your business’ predicament and we’re here to help.