Smarter GST Reporting For Xero

With Xero and SmartTax, experience a complete GST solution made for Malaysia.

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How it works

Everybody loves Xero! With SmartTax, you’re going to love them even more. Xero and SmartTax simplify and automate your GST reporting and submission. Before you get started, you will need a Xero accounting system. For a beautiful accounting system experience, go HERE for a Full no-credit card, no obligation 30-day trial.

Sign up with Xero

You need to sign up with Xero accounting system and setup your business organisation there. Xero will show you step-by-step account setup for your business. If you are not sure how to set them up, you may refer to one of Xero advisor HERE.

Add Xero organisation

You have now created a Xero account. Now, you need to sign-up to SmartTax (it’s super-easy, guaranteed!). No credit card required. Just follow each step during the sign-ups and you’re done!

Sync and file

Once the setup is complete, SmartTax will auto-sync your accounting data from Xero and you’re ready to file and submit the report to Kastam.


SmartTax is packed with features to change the way businesses fulfil their GST compliance. More features will be added soon. Follow us at @SmartTaxMY in Twitter and SmarttaxMY in Facebook for our latest updates.

Unlimited User

That’s right. You can invite unlimited users to access SmartTax (with your permission of course) to view or help your company file for GST. This could be from anybody from your company’s bookkeeper, accountant, tax agent or auditor.

GST Audit File (GAF)

At last! A ready GST Audit File (GAF) for businesses to upload into Kastam’s TAP Portal whenever you need them. The GAF file is readily available anytime so you could access them whenever you want (or whenever the Kastam ask!).


The GST dashboard gives an overall view of your GST. So you can asses your GST positions. For instance, you are able to now compare between the GST tax input and output for a certain period.

Real-time Sync

SmartTax syncs with Xero in real-time. All new inputs are updated in a few blips! It’s that simple!

Unlimited Reporting

Generate as many reports as you want for the filing period. You can cancel, preview or even amend the GST 03 Form before the actual submission.

Auto Adjustment

SmartTax will detect any adjustment made from previous filing period so you can submit the adjusted report to KDM.

  • "Before SmartTax, we meticulously export our data from Xero to a spreadsheet and email it to our clients before any GST submissions can be done. With SmartTax integration, it has tremendously helped us to file their GST accurately and timely. It can even be accessed through phone so filing can be done anytime, anywhere."

    Adnan, eXtracc